We support organisations through the provision of cyber security and digital forensics in accordance with best practice and industry standards. Additionally, we provide intelligence and security support for the aviation and maritime sectors:

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Digital Forensics

Vulnerability Analysis

Penetration Testing

ISO27001 Audits and Implementation


We produce sensitive intelligence and analytical assessments which highlight potential risks to commercial operations and diplomatic activities in a number of volatile countries. We offer the following intelligence products: 

Threat Assessments

Rapid Response Reports

Threat Network Profiles

Periodical Intelligence Summaries

Investigations & Due Diligence


We provide a diverse range of risk-mitigating and reliable security solutions designed to significantly reduce our clients’ exposure to political, security and social risks worldwide. We offer the following security services:

Physical Security Assessments

Security Design & Response

Counter-Terrorism Design

Event Security Assessments

Country Travel Assessments

Europe’s leading technical-based intelligence, risk analysis and cyber security provider.

Resilient Defence is a European-based provider of technical-based intelligence solutions, cyber threat analysis, security intelligence and physical security support. We assist organisations in understanding and managing integrity, political and security risks throughout the globe through the provision of risk-mitigating security solutions and sensitive intelligence.

We serve clients throughout Europe and further afield by enabling them to conduct safe and secure business in emerging, complex and high-risk markets around the world.  Our team of internationally trained intelligence and security experts provide tailored, accurate and low profile intelligence and security services in order to secure our clients’ employees, assets and reputation.  We provide intelligence and risk aware solutions across multiple business disciplines such as the commercial aviation, oil and gas, critical infrastructure, tourism, entertainment, and government and diplomatic sectors.
As a forward-looking intelligence and security organisation, we develop and utilise sophisticated web-based technology in order to collect open and locally-sourced information. Our services include strategic and tactical security consulting across the risk spectrum, expert analysis and security surveys.

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