Comprised of intelligence and security experts with significant experience from the government and private sector, Resilient Defence harnesses the capabilities of modern-day technology to collect, produce and deliver accurate, sensitive and insightful intelligence, security and risk mitigating solutions.

With an all informed contact base which spans every continent, we support reputable physical security providers and security companies by producing assessments concerning political, security and social risks. In addition, we support a large number of business sectors by providing intelligence and risk mitigating advice for clients engaged in a diverse range of business sectors.
We provide our clients with high quality, cost-effective and accurate intelligence and security assistance twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. As a true testament to our reputation, our staff and consultants maintain strict levels of confidentiality and professional standards in accordance with our own code of business conduct and ethical working practice.


Although most of our activities take place in Europe,  Resilient Defence actively engages with international businesses and organisations with interests in a number of hostile environments. We are an internationally-focused organisation which monitors political, security and social trends worldwide.


To protect and support governments, national security forces, businesses and organisations in an ever-changing and complex world through the delivery of reliable intelligence, accurate risk analysis and robust security advice.


Technologically Focused

We take immense pride in our reputation as the only Scandinavian-based private intelligence organisation which maintains a vigilant eye on current and emerging technology in order to facilitate the collection of sensitive intelligence from locally-placed sources and complex areas of the world-wide web.

Professionally Structured

We maintain a secure network of intelligence and security professionals located in every continent of the globe in order to ensure a constant stream of locally-sourced information concerning current and emerging social, political and security risks.


 Intelligence-led Approach

Our risk mitigation services are based on intelligence obtained from open and local information sources concerning developing countries, high-threat environments and known threat groups.

Globally Networked

We maintain a reliable and trusted information-sharing network with local law enforcement, military commands and intelligence services in a number of European and Middle Eastern countries in order to facilitate the delivery of accurate and concise intelligence assessments to clients.


We take pride in our recognised status as an ethical and lawful consultancy. Each and every one of our consultants and employees displays – at all times – professionalism, integrity, commitment, lawfulness and appropriate behaviour.

The majority of our consultants have previously attained high-levels of security clearances; demonstrating their absolute integrity, confidentiality and reliability during their military/government service. As a reputable organisation, we do not allow our staff or contractors to publicly disclose details regarding their previous military/government service in order to promote or endorse the company for financial gain.

Our permanent staff and consultants each hold a number of internationally-recognised qualifications relating to military intelligence operations, criminal intelligence analysis, and physical and cyber security. Our talent pool allows us to utilise individuals who hold the necessary skills, experience and qualifications based on our clients’ requirements


Our permanent staff hold a diverse range of recognised intelligence and security qualifications which complements the skills and experiences they bring from the military, government and private sector.

As an organisation, we provide physical security advice in accordance with international security standards. Additionally, we conduct cyber security/intelligence operations and digital forensics in accordance with the regulations set out by the relevant governing bodies and law enforcement agencies.

We consult with a considerably large talent pool consisting of intelligence and security practitioners who each hold a diverse range of certifications relating to physical, document, personal and cyber security.


We use the same techniques and methods currently used by British military and law enforcement bodies to deliver sensitive intelligence and security advice.  Additionally, we adhere to strict European legislation pertaining to data protection, human rights and investigatory powers when conducting intelligence collection activities.

We continuously drive forward and influence the adoption of ethical working practices and best practice within the private intelligence industry.  We work within a comprehensive framework which ensures that our activities comply with all regulations and legislation within all of the countries where we operate.


Taking into account the sensitive nature of our activities and services, we operate in a responsible manner in order to ensure safe, secure and discreet services for our clients whilst strictly conforming to international laws. Our staff and consultants observe to a strict code of business conduct which ensures absolute discretion for clients, stakeholders and consultants working on our behalf.

We are a transparent organisation which ensures that each of our staff and consultants display the necessary professional standards during the hiring process. Though we are proud of our military heritage and the experiences we hold, Resilient Defence does not publicly disclose sensitive information regarding our previous tenures as a means to promote the company for financial gain.


Please complete the form below and a Resilient Defence consultant will be in contact shortly. Any information provided will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Given the highly sensitive nature of many of these services, we take extreme care in assessing the legitimacy of potential clients and a formal process of due diligence is put in place before any services are offered. The entire process is transparent and recorded.

General Enquiries

E-mail:  info@rds-nordic.com

Tel:  +45 36 96 78 08