We serve a large number of businesses and organisations through the provision of timely, accurate and reliable intelligence and security.

We utilise a substantial number of former military intelligence and security professionals to produce and deliver quality solutions to businesses and organisations concerned by security and political risks.
Though we maintain a regular stream of clients engaged in specific industries, we strive to support all businesses and organisations who require regular intelligence and sound security advice.  For further information please contact us at to see how we can help you.

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With an exceptional and proven capability, we produce insightful intelligence and security assessments for a number of international oil and gas businesses, service providers, engineering, procurement and construction contractors:

Periodical Intelligence Reports
Covering daily, weekly and monthly security concerns and developments in any given country / region. Our reports provide the reader with an understanding of the political and security trends identified within the reporting period.

Tactical Intelligence Assessments
Covering security incidents in areas of operations, our assessments analyse the security aspects of planned business operations in volatile environments by taking into account incident trends, local governance and social perceptions.

Strategic Intelligence Assessments
To inform of political and security risks to international operations, we produce detailed assessments aimed at highlighting emerging developments and the necessary strategies to be applied.

Country Travel Assessments
To support business travel, we produce detailed assessments covering political, security and social risks in any given country.

Maritime Risk Analysis
We support international oil and gas shipping companies through the collection, analysis and production of intelligence concerning political and security risks which may affect transit through strategic waterways.


We support businesses engaged in the commercial aviation sector; including airlines, airports and civil aviation authorities by producing concise intelligence assessments which highlight increasing threats from organised crime and terror groups. We utilise a broad approach to analyse risks to aviation and advise organisations of the necessary strategies to adopt through the regular and ad-hoc delivery of assessments:

Airport Security Assessments
We enable business growth and provide advice concerning to aviation operations in volatile countries through the constant analysis of security standards at individual airports and the wider security/political environment. Given the sensitive nature of these reports, please contact us to request a sample

Periodical Intelligence Reports
Covering daily, weekly and monthly aviation security developments across the globe, our reports provide airline security managers, physical security providers and civil aviation authorities with a comprehensive understanding of developing security trends and potential risks to operations from political unrest, and criminal and terrorist activity.

Country Travel Assessments
Tailored to suit our clients’ requirements, we produce country travel assessments that highlight potential risks to flight crews before and during transit abroad.

‘Rapid Reaction’ Reports
Produced in response to high-profile political and security events, our ‘Rapid Response’ reports provide ‘on-the-ground’ insight and advice on the necessary strategies organisations should adopt in order to mitigate risks to operations.

Bespoke Analysis
We produce tailored reports covering threats to commercial and military aviation operations from organised crime and terror groups worldwide.


We actively support to government agencies, ministries and diplomatic missions through the collection and delivery of intelligence concerning geo-political, security and social risks.
Utilising our overseas intelligence network, we actively collect tactical, operational and strategic-level information and produce high-quality intelligence tailored to suit individual security and intelligence requirements:

Tactical Intelligence Assessments
We enable diplomatic activities in high-risk environments and inform of individual risks to operations stemming from terror organisations, organised crime groups and foreign intelligence services.

Operational Intelligence Assessments
To support military and coalition operations, we collect open and locally-sourced information and produce close-support operational intelligence to inform key decision makers.

Strategic Intelligence Assessments
We produce quality assessments for diplomatic missions and outline potential indicators and warnings concerning emerging risks to diplomatic field activities, consulates and embassies.

Regular Intelligence Reporting
We provide diplomatic missions and government ministries with daily, weekly and monthly intelligence and risk analysis reports covering political, military and security developments worldwide.

‘Rapid Reaction’ Reports
Produced in response to significant political and security events we highlight the necessary strategies for government departments and diplomatic missions to adopting order to mitigate risks to assets and staff from potential risks.


We have a proven and exceptional capability of delivering security advice and assurance to a wide variety of banks and financial institutions.
Whether it be conducting security audits or providing timely security intelligence to representatives doing business in emerging or developing markets – Resilient Defence serves our clients by ensuring the security of assets and the safety of staff:

Physical Security Surveys & Assessments
We employ a broad approach when assessing threats to business locations through the detailed analysis of threat groups and physical security measures which advise businesses of the necessary counter-measures to be implemented.

Security Investigations & Due Diligence
We undertake lawful investigations on behalf of banks and financial institutions regarding security incidents in the workplace and checks against individuals.

Country Travel Assessments
To support business travel, we produce detailed assessments and conduct security presentations in order to advise clients of potential risks during their visit abroad.

Strategic Intelligence Assessments
We produce tailor-made assessments which informs businesses and organisation of security and political risks to business activities both at home and overseas.


We employ former military personnel and value the significant experience they bring in order to support aerospace and defence industries.
We support the ever-growing aerospace and defence industry by providing risk analysis and intelligence assessments to enable industries to explore and conduct business both at home and overseas. Additionally, we provide a varying range of risk mitigating solutions which ensure the continuity of business operations and highlights potential overseas opportunities:

Country Travel Assessments
We support business travel by providing timely and accurate assessments concerning political, military and security risks worldwide. In addition, we complement these assessments by delivering presentations to business personnel in order to highlight the necessary safeguards to be adopted before and during transit.

Thematic Intelligence Reports 
Upon request, we produce tailored intelligence assessments concerning security developments, criminal and terror networks, and threats to aviation.

Intelligence Summaries
We produce daily, weekly and monthly intelligence assessments concerning emerging developments and current security trends worldwide.

Strategic Intelligence Assessments
We produce tailor-made assessments for businesses engaged in the aerospace and defence industry to inform them of security and political risks both at home and overseas.


We work alongside event-planners, organisers, law enforcement and local tourism boards in order to support high-profile events throughout Europe. We conduct thorough security surveys and provide on-site support before, during and after high-profile events by ensuring the overall safety of visitors, staff and VIPs.
We offer a variety of services and products to assist media organisations working in hostile or complex environments. We develop and deliver a range of crisis prevention packages specifically for media clients, including pre-travel briefings and advice for groups or individuals travelling to hostile locations, and client-specific management plans:

Physical Security Assessments & Surveys
We support organisers, static guard providers and VIPs by conducting a detailed and thorough analysis of risks towards large-scale events and assess the overall threat from crime and terrorism. In addition, we physically survey security controls in order to assess potential vulnerabilities which can be remedied

Counter-Terrorism Design and Advice 
Harnessing our proven experience from providing counter-terrorism support for the London Olympic Games; we support high-profile events by conducting discreet, thorough and effective surveys of security architecture and analyse threats from known terror organisations.

Country Travel Presentations and Assessments
For news and media organisations, we undertake a detailed analysis of the risks to personnel reporting from hostile, emerging and challenging environments in order to safeguard the livelihoods of journalists, crew and broadcasters.

‘Rapid Reaction’ Reports
For clients engaged in the news, tourism and entertainment industry, we produce tailor-made and informative reports of high-impact events through the real-time analysis of locally-sourced information and intelligence.


We work closely with developers, owners, security directors, architects and constructors in order to integrate effective security measures into building designs. We consult with leading threat experts in order to highlight risks and to apply the necessary remedies to be implemented.
In addition to providing forward-looking intelligence on political and social risks to large-scale infrastructure projects, we actively analyse generic threats from terrorist networks and highlight the necessary precautions to be taken in order to safeguard their assets and people.

Counter-Terrorism Design and Advice
Using our expert and proven knowledge from providing close-support intelligence and security advice for counter-terrorism forces; we support high-profile events by providing discreet, thorough and effective surveys of establishments and integrating threat analysis concerning known terror organisations.

Physical Security Assessments & Surveys
We undertake detailed and thorough inspections of critical infrastructure and analyse the risks towards physical security. We advise on the range of strategies to be adopted in order to protect lives and assets.

Cyber Threat Intelligence Assessments
We draw on our experience from the military and law enforcement agencies by applying advanced intelligence collection techniques to produce timely and sensitive assessments concerning threats to critical infrastructure from hostile cyber actors and agents.

Periodical Counter-Terrorism Intelligence Assessments
We produce tailored intelligence summaries on a daily, weekly and monthly basis covering counter-terrorism developments and potential risks towards critical infrastructure establishments.

‘Rapid Reaction’ Reports
We provide significant depth of knowledge by producing in-depth situational reports concerning high-profile security incidents. These are enabled by ‘on-the-ground’ reporting from our network of local sources in addition to our expert use of advanced open source intelligence collection techniques.


We work closely with charities, aid agencies, non-governmental organisations and inter-governmental organisations by supporting and enabling them to commit their efforts to providing relief to civilians in non-permissive, developing or high-risk environments.
We provide a wide-range of risk analysis and security solutions to organisations engaged in providing humanitarian relief and assistance by minimising risks and enabling secure operations.

Pathfinding Analysis
We undertake a detailed and thorough analysis of an organisation’s mission intent and assess the overall viability of operations from a security perspective. We produce detailed assessments outlining possible risks to operations and personnel and advise of the necessary security strategies to be adopted.

Country Travel Assessments 
We produce detailed assessments concerning political, security and social risks in any given country in addition to analysing threats to personnel whilst in-transit and the precautionary measures to be taken.

Tactical Threat Assessments
To support static locations and route moves whilst in high-threat environments, we assess the overall risks involved and advise of the physical security arrangements to be made with third-party suppliers.

Strategic Threat Assessments
We analyse the overall political and security situation in affected countries and advise organisations of the implications towards long and short-term operations.