We take pride in our ability to harness the latest technology to collect intelligence concerning current and emerging developments throughout the globe.  With access to restricted databases, early warning systems and on-the-ground intelligence sources, we are a leading provider of security intelligence.

Equally, we consult with former military intelligence and law enforcement analysts who deliver timely and accurate assessments that are tailored to individual requirements. Our consultants each possess considerable experience within the intelligence, security and crisis management domain and their experience brings significant value to governments, businesses and organisations.

We develop and deliver to clients the most comprehensive, articulate and unbiased intelligence assessments based on the thorough analysis of global events.  We use the same methodologies as those employed by the western intelligence community that allows us to explain the significance of today’s noteworthy events and their future implications. Additionally, we maintain a constant eye over emerging situations across the globe; as such, we are able to deliver alerts and ‘Rapid Analysis’ reports to our clients via email and mobile phone 24 hours a day.

We provide the following services:

Threat Assessments

Our intelligence-fused Threat Assessments and Risk Profiles enables organisations to understand the political, social, security and regulatory challenges of operating in overseas environments.

Resilient Defence assists clients to do business in even the most challenging and daunting markets by sourcing privileged insights and timely intelligence from a diverse range of sources. We assess all information gathered and interpret it into a unique range of intelligence products to assist with client decision-making and provide them with a competitive edge within their respective markets.

  • Strategic Threat Assessments: Provides clients with a greater depth of knowledge of significant risks affecting political and security issues. Such reports are tailored to individual requirements in written and / or pictorial format and are designed to complement business continuity and security risk management plans for operations in volatile areas.
  • Tactical Threat Assessments: Provides an in-depth understanding of the local operating environment and allows organisations to understand key security, political and social threats towards route transits, projects and local engagement activity. We collect and store tactical incident data to provide our clients with a geographic representation of security incident trends.
  • Country, City & Venue Risk Profiles: To support overseas business operations, travel and high-profile events; we conduct a thorough study of the political and security situation in any given country and city and highlight all associated risks to the reader. Additionally, we support major projects and high-profile venues through the inclusion of a detailed risk assessment that incorporates any potential threats identified and the necessary security strategies that should be adopted by physical security providers, event organisers and local law enforcement.

Periodical Intelligence Assessments

In addition to providing organisations with a unique range of tailored intelligence assessments concerning a variety of problem-sets, we produce periodical intelligence summaries in order to ensure that organisations maintain a continuous understanding political, security and cultural issues affecting the overall security situation in any given country and / or region.

We also produced specialised intelligence reports exclusively for organisations engaged in the aviation and maritime sector.

  • Country / Regional: Covering countries and regions, we produce intelligence summaries which provides the reader with an understanding of the key political and security trends observed during the reporting period.
  • Aviation Security: We support the commercial aviation sector by producing a diverse selection of intelligence and risk analysis reports designed to highlight current and emerging risks to operations. Such reports includes daily, weekly and monthly intelligence summaries that provide airlines, airports and civil aviation authorities with a comprehensive round-up of political and security issues affecting aviation operations throughout the world.
  • Maritime Security: We produce sensitive intelligence assessments for businesses and naval organisations concerning risks to maritime operations throughout the world. Our reports address political risks which may affect strategic waterways and tactical security risks which may hamper individual movements within high-threat areas.
  • Counter-Terrorism: Produced weekly and monthly, our Counter-Terrorism reports provides the reader with an in-depth understanding of notable terrorism-related issues during the reporting period. Our intelligence is gleaned through our unique access to restricted databases, back-end forums and locally-placed sources.  

Investigations & Due Diligence

To manage risks with great effectiveness and efficiency, organisations are encouraged to develop an incident management framework that also provides them with a robust investigative capability.

Resilient Defence provides discreet and effective investigatory services to determine the legitimacy of allegations of corruption, fraud or theft. We also provide organisations with vetting and pre-employment screening to determine potential employee misconduct before it occurs. Additionally, we provide a diverse suite of services to minimise exposure to industrial and commercial espionage.

Every investigation we undertake has its own unique situation and our methodology varies from case to case. Our corporate investigations often entail the use of human intelligence from sources placed across the globe and technical surveillance including computer analysis, file retrieval, asset tracing and covert cameras.

We investigate the following critical areas:

  • Internal & External Corruption: We provide staff vetting services and background checks to reduce the overall risk of corruption which may affect the business environment.
  • Physical & Cyber Intrusion: We utilise trained physical security and cyber practitioners to investigate potential breaches and provide the necessary risk mitigating strategies accordingly.
  • Physical & Intellectual Property Theft: We employ locally-placed sources and conduct extensive intelligence gathering activity in order to investigate theft. 
  • Organised & Opportunistic Crime: We utilise our privileged access to sensitive intelligence and employ advanced advanced collection techniques in order to investigate potential criminality which may affect organisations. 

Threat Network Profiling

We collect, analyse and produce privileged and sensitive information concerning known threat networks and produce written and graphical intelligence that provides a detailed and comprehensive understanding of their capabilities, limitations, areas of operations, and the specific threats they pose.

In addition to the collection of information relating to terrorist and criminal groups, we actively monitor state and non-state aligned cyber threat networks and provide organisations with a detailed understanding of the risks they face from hostile cyber activity.

We employ a unique range of tools and methodologies to collect and process information from a variety of sources concerning a number threat groups; as such, we produce reliable and informative intelligence that we offer to organisations in a tailored approach.

  • Terrorist Groups: By actively utilising local sources and monitoring beck-end internet forums and groups, we produce sensitive intelligence concerning known terror groups and franchises.
  • Organised Crime Groups: We produce detailed and informative intelligence regarding known organised crime groups, including their methods, tactics and target sets.
  • Foreign Intelligence Services: We analyse threats from state-sponsored entities engaged in espionage, sabotage and subversion against government-linked businesses and organisations.
  • Activist & Anarchist Groups: Using our unique access to ‘Dark Web’ sources, we monitor the threat from high-profile activist and anarchist groups whose hostile activities are often limited to cyber intrusion and whistle-blowing. 

‘Rapid Response’ Assessments

We have a proven experience in producing and delivering focused and in-depth intelligence-led assessments concerning developing situations across the world, and we respond to strategic, operational and tactical events by producing timely and informative assessments as they happen.

Our intelligence-fused analysis service enables our clients to understand the political, security and social changes throughout the globe and our network of local sources allows us to collect privileged information and produce the necessary alerts for organisations with operational requirements.

We distribute alerts and intelligence reports to subscribers email accounts and mobile phones 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Our real-time alerts detail all occurrences that may affect overseas operations and business travel, such changes includes:

  • Political & Geo-Political Unrest
  • Public Disorder & Violence
  • Significant Changes to Security Conditions
  • Terrorist Activity
  • Organised Crime Activity
  • Significant Travel Disruption