Resilient Defence prides itself on its status as a technologically-advanced intelligence consultancy. Equally, we harnesses the skills from civilian and military cyber intelligence experts to collect, store and process sensitive information concerning a variety of problem sets.
Our consultants each possess considerable experience within the intelligence, security and crisis management domain and their experience brings significant value to governments, businesses and organisations. As such, we recruit former intelligence and security consultants each with significant experience from providing close support intelligence for counter-terrorism and hostage rescue operations. We also consult with physical and cyber security experts who assist businesses and organisations with the planning and implementation of security strategies.


Threat Assessments

We produce threat assessments for international businesses and organisations concerned by developing security, political and social risks in volatile countries:-

  • Strategic Threat Assessments: Provides clients with a greater depth of knowledge concerning national security and political risks which may affect business operations and diplomatic activities.
  • Tactical Threat Assessments: Provides an in-depth understanding of the local operating environment and allows our clients to understand specific security, political and social threats towards route transits, projects and local engagement activity. We collect and store tactical incident data to provide our clients with a geographic representation of security incident trends. Additionally, we analyse reliable intelligence and highlight risks regarding political groups.

Periodical Intelligence Assessments

We provide clients with a continuous understanding of the security and political environment through the production of daily, weekly and monthly intelligence summaries covering the following themes:-

  • Geographic: Covering countries and regions, we produce intelligence summaries which provides the reader with an understanding of the key political and security trends observed during the reporting period.
  • Additional Themes: Tailored to specific client needs, we produce informative intelligence summaries concerning a number of problem-sets ranging from terrorist activity and aviation security.

Investigations & Due Diligence

We undertake thorough and lawful investigations for clients concerned by individual entities and conduct post-incident reviews concerning security incidents. For businesses and organisations, we provide vetting for staff members before and during their employment within sensitive roles. We investigate the following critical areas:-

  • Internal and External Corruption
  • Physical and Cyber Intrusion
  • Physical and Intellectual Property Theft
  • Organised and Opportunistic Crime
  • Fraudulent Activity
  • Political Risks

Threat Network Profiling

We collect, analyse and produce sensitive intelligence concerning known threat networks and provide clients with a detailed understanding of their capabilities, limitations and areas of operations:-

  • Terrorist Groups: By actively utilising local sources and monitoring beck-end internet forums and groups, we produce sensitive intelligence concerning known terror groups and franchises.
  • Organised Crime Groups: We produce detailed and informative intelligence regarding known organised crime groups, including their methods, tactics and target sets.
  • Foreign Intelligence Services: We analyse threats from state-sponsored entities engaged in espionage, sabotage and subversion against government-linked businesses and organisations.

‘Rapid Response’ Assessments

We respond to high-profile strategic, operational and tactical events by producing informative intelligence assessments which provides clients with a detailed understanding of the following type of situations:-

  • Political / geo-political developments and unrest
  • Public disorder and violence
  • Terrorism activity
  • Organised crime activity