Organisations can minimise risks to their assets and people by ensuring that tested risk mitigation policies, processes and procedures are adopted and enforced. Resilient Defence has developed a range of integrated and bespoke consultancy tools that supports detection and deterrence measures, and enable organisations to safely conduct their activities.

Our consultancy helps organisations to understand and mitigate the risks they face. The solutions we provide are tailored to the specific needs of the client and enables them to identify, manage, and mitigate current and future risks.

Using the experience we have gained in hostile, complex and emerging markets, we provide consultancy services to leading physical security providers, government agencies and commercial organisations.

Additionally, we recognise that company executives, high-profile and high-net worth individuals are increasingly exposed to targeting by hostile groups for financial gain, political advantage, or religious causes.  Such individuals are also at risk of becoming the focus of extortion and sentiment by hostile entities due to their business practices, corporate policies or public standing.  We provide assistance to those who may be at risk through the implementation of the necessary security reviews and the adoption of crisis management plans.


Physical Security Assessments

Utilising the same techniques and doctrine employed by the British military and security services, we conduct thorough inspections of business sites and provide recommendations based on the vulnerabilities and risks identified. Our surveys and inspections are conducted by physical security and counter-intelligence experts in full compliance with international security standards. Resilient Defence delivers trusted remedies to international businesses and organisations by providing:-

  • Physical Security Surveys and Advisory Visits
  • Physical Security Inspections
  • Business Continuity Planning and Crisis Response Support

Security Design & Response Planning

We work alongside developers, business owners, security directors, architects and constructors for medium and large-scale projects. We advise on security measures to be integrated into building and facility designs and conduct stress-tests in order to ensure the overall robustness of physical security measures. Resilient Defence has a proven experience of supporting:-

  • Construction Sites
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Corporate / Business Sites
  • Private Property

Counter-Terrorism Design & Response

Harnessing our former military experience of providing counter-terrorism support during the 2012 London Olympics, we work alongside national security forces to deliver robust security and intelligence advice in order to reduce the ever-increasing threat from terrorism:-

  • Physical Security Advisory: We conduct thorough inspections of sites and advise private and national security forces of the necessary strategies to employ in order to reduce the risks.
  • Host National Security Force Mentoring: We train military and law enforcement intelligence units in order to strengthen their collection and analytical capabilities.
  • Crisis Management Planning: We engage with governments and security forces by assisting with contingency planning during national emergencies. In addition, we assist national security and intelligence agencies through the provision of training and exercises.

Event Security Support

In-conjunction with event organisers, tourism boards and national security forces, we support high profile events by significantly reducing risks facing clients, VIPs and visitors :-

  • Physical Security Advisory: We support medium and large-scale events by liaising closely with event organisers and security forces by conducting thorough inspections of sites and analysing risks and vulnerabilities identified.
  • Personal Protection: Working with personal protection teams and VIP’s, we provide expert security advice concerning travel to event locations and security precautions to take whilst abroad.
  • Counter-Terrorism Design and Response: We liaise with law enforcement and military units in order to strengthen their counter-terrorism and intelligence capabilities.

Country Travel Assessments

We provide organisations with integrated risk management plans, assessments and briefings in order to protect their employees before, during and after travel.  As such, we produce and deliver theatre-specific country travel briefs and real-time security alerts covering the following risks:-

  • Political and Geo-Political
  • Terrorism & Security
  • Social & Cultural
  • Transportation