Resilient Defence understands the volatility of many overseas markets, the requirement for the continuous monitoring of events and the first-line analysis of the threat environment. We collect and process open and closed source information and produce a wide-range of risk analysis and threat-based documents designed to safeguard and enable client operations and decision-making.

By their nature, many of our markets are volatile and require us to constantly monitor and analyse current and emerging risks. From our headquarters in central Copenhagen and remote stations, we produce a range of analytical intelligence and risk reports based on the security situation in its current or developing form. Our geographical reach allows us to fuse locally and open-sourced information into a range of intelligence and threat-based publications designed especially for governments, businesses and organisations with operational requirements. We support our clients by assessing their exposure to strategic, operational and tactical risks in some of the most volatile countries in the world.


We support organisations through the provision of cyber security and digital forensics in accordance with best practice and industry standards. Additionally, we provide intelligence and security support for the aviation and maritime sectors:

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Digital Forensics

Vulnerability Analysis

Penetration Testing

ISO27001 Audits and Implementation


We produce sensitive intelligence and analytical assessments for businesses and organisations concerned by political and geo-political risks to commercial operations and diplomatic activities in a number of volatile countries:- 

Threat Assessments

‘Rapid Response’ Reports

Threat Network Profiling

Periodical Intelligence Summaries

Investigations & Due Diligence


We conduct thorough physical security surveys, inspections and provide risk-aware advice for government and commercial clients in-addition to providing sensitive advice concerning counter-terrorism design:-

Physical Security Assessments

Security Design & Response

Counter-Terrorism Design

Event Security Assessments

Country Travel Assessments