To meet the growing threat from state and non-state aligned cyber actors, we provide organisations with robust cyber intelligence and security solutions aimed at securing information, assets and staff.   Additionally, our digital forensics examiners, consisting of ex-military and law enforcement personnel, provide expert support for internal, criminal and civil cases, this often concludes with expert evidence presented in court.
Given the vulnerability of civil aviation from increasing criminal and terrorist activity, we provide airports, airlines, and civil aviation authorities with a diverse suite of intelligence and security products designed to inform of the current threat environment and emerging risks to aviation operations. Additionally, we harness our international certifications to deliver security intelligence and security advice to businesses and organisations engaged in commercial maritime operations.
For governments and national security forces alike, we deliver training, mentoring and exercises designed to enhance conventional, counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency capabilities. Using the same techniques used by the British and Danish military, we train and mentor individual intelligence personnel and test the overall readiness of intelligence units through the use of a comprehensive suite of conventional, hybrid and counter-terrorism exercises.


Cyber Intelligence & Security

Accredited to internationally-recognised standards, we provide a diverse suite of cyber-related services. As a reputable and ethical organisation, we comply with international, European and host-nation regulations relating to data protection, privacy and human rights when conducting operations within the cyber domain:-

  • Cyber Surveillance: To support investigations and intelligence operations, we monitor social media, back and front-end forums, and mobile applications in order to produce accurate and detailed reports concerning individual behaviour.
  • Threat Actor Profiling: Working with business Security Operations Centres, Security Managers, Penetration Testers and leading Anti-Virus Providers, we produce detailed reports concerning state and non-state sponsored cyber threat actors.
  • Vulnerability Assessments: We assess vulnerabilities against business and organisational network infrastructure through the effective analysis of physical security controls, employee behaviour and IT security standards.
  • Penetration Tests: Designed to mimic real life attack scenarios, penetration testing comprises a full-scale assault on your network to test the ability of your systems to withstand hack attacks without damaging or disrupting any of your business processes. With weaknesses exposed, you’re able to proactively protect both your business and clients from data theft. Our methods include the bypassing of physical security controls, utilisation of social engineering, and the exploitation of loopholes as a means to test the overall resilience of IT networks.

Digital Forensics

We provide expert support in civil and criminal investigations by recovering digital evidence from a vast range of devices. We have the expertise to recover, analyse and present digital evidence in a concise and admissible format in accordance with European law enforcement standards:-

  • Computer Forensics: We use the latest forensics examination methodologies to ensure the highest quality of investigations and reporting which details correspondence including deleted emails, social media activity, online browsing activity, intellectual property theft and analysis of usage.
  • Mobile Forensics: Our consultants are trained and have extensive experience of examining, extracting and presenting evidence from mobile phone devices. Utilising our skills and sensitive software, we can present a wide range of evidence such as SMS data, emails, call history, multimedia, internet browsing history, typing cache, social media activity and GPS fixes.
  • Cell Site Analysis: Using data from mobile phone service providers, we can measure actual coverage through utilising sophisticated data gathering, positioning and analytical techniques.
  • Data Recovery: We provide such services in order to mitigate the wider commercial implications of data loss, including the cost and disruption to a business operations.
  • On-Site Investigations: Onsite investigations are critical to ensure the correct chain of custody and preservation of digital and physical artifacts of investigative interest. We deploy, often at short notice, to provide such support to organisations.

Aviation Security Intelligence

For our clients engaged in the commercial aviation sector, we produce a diverse selection of intelligence and risk analysis reports designed to highlight current and emerging risks to operations:-

  • Periodical Intelligence Summaries: Produced daily, weekly and monthly, we provide airlines, airports and civil aviation authorities with a comprehensive round-up of political and security issues affecting aviation operations throughout the world.
  • ‘Rapid Response’ Reports: Produced immediately following a high-profile political and security events, this report provides readers with an in-depth understanding of the situation and the potential implications towards aviation operations and passenger security.
  • Airport Security Environment Assessments: An on-demand and comprehensive report which provides an in-depth understanding of security standards at any given airport and the wider security environment which may effect aviation operations.

Maritime Security Intelligence

We produce sensitive intelligence assessments for businesses and naval organisations concerning risks to maritime operations throughout the world. Our reports address political risks which may affect strategic waterways and tactical security risks which may hamper individual movements within high-threat areas:-

  • Pirate Group Profiling: We collect locally-sourced information and produce detailed and accurate intelligence concerning individual pirate groups, their capabilities, and tactics.
  • Serious Incident Analysis Reports: We support governments, national security forces and businesses by producing detailed post-incident reports and highlight the necessary mitigating strategies to be adopted.
  • Periodical Intelligence Summaries: We produce daily, weekly and monthly analysis reports concerning risks to maritime operations and analyse political risks which may hamper maritime operations within strategic waterways.

Maritime Physical Security

Internationally accredited by the British Department for Transport, and Maritime and Coastguard Agency; we provide physical security and risk mitigating advice to commercial shipping businesses and civil port facilities worldwide:-

  • Port Facility Security Inspections: We use accredited Port Facility Security Officers to conduct thorough inspections of ports and review their security procedures in full accordance and compliance with international standards.
  • Commercial Ship Security Surveys: Using accredited and certified Ship Security Officers, we conduct comprehensive surveys of commercial vessels before transit through high-risk waterways and advise individual protection teams of the strategies to be adopted before travel.
  • Private Yacht / Event Security: We provide tailored solutions for private yacht owners seeking to conduct travel through volatile waters. In addition, we provide advice for vessel owners seeking to host onboard high-profile events.

National Intelligence Force Mentoring

We support military, police, and national security agencies by providing training designed to develop and enhance intelligence collection and processing capabilities. We provide the necessary training and mentoring for intelligence personnel and we design exercises in order to test their overall preparedness and capabilities:-

  • Military Intelligence Operations: We provide effective training and mentoring for military and law enforcement intelligence personnel in order to provide them with a thorough understanding of the principles of intelligence, best practice, and all-source intelligence analysis.
  • Intelligence Collection: Our consultants provide intelligence operators with training relating to the collection of human intelligence, communications intelligence, and counter-intelligence; in addition, we provide open source exploitation and digital forensics training.
  • Exercises & Readiness Testing: We analyse an organisation’s intelligence processing and collection capabilities through the effective design and management of exercises and simulations. We produce conventional, hybrid, counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism exercises for national intelligence units seeking to identify their capabilities and limitations.